Bill Gates: Mobile Banking change the lives of the poor


bill gates vision

Bill Gates became an editor at The Verge during February. Bill Gates shared a vision of how technology is changing the lives of the poor in 2030. According to him, one of the technological revolution that will change the lives of the poor is mobile banking.

Bill Gates in his vision exemplifies how Sori village in Lake victoria, Kenya, transformed through mobile banking after the Kenya government introduced the M-PESA.

5 Million Android Phone Infected With Malicious App at Play Store


Play Store MalwareA post at Avast blog revealed that Google Play Store not as safe as expected. Mentioned by Avast that there are three malicuous app that does not directly perform the infection to more than 5 million Android phone.

Google had to act quickly, because as soon as that information, the search engine giant was immediately delete the application from the Play Store. Three applications are meant was Durak, Konka Russian History, and Iwold IQ Test.

Apple Prepare Search Engine As Competitor Google Search?



Looks like rivalry Apple and Google will be more sharply. Once we know these two giants company ‘killing each other’ in the market operating system of mobile and smartphone, soon the two are expected to fight fiercely in the search engine business. As we know Google is the ruler in the search engine business, and it seems Apple wants to undermine the dominance google.

This allegation comes after Apple is known developing a project Apple search engines like Google Search engine. According to sources in Cupertino, the company is preparing the project ‘Apple Search’, which supposedly is a search engine of Apple in the future.

iPhone 5 with 4 inch screen finally officially launched


iPhone 5

iPhone 5 with 4 inch screen finally officially launched after waiting so long for the rumors around name, shapes and specifications. Its launch at San Francisco on Wednesday (09/12).  A significant change in  the new generation of iPhone 2012 is  the most prominently visible on screen size increase become 5 inches with 16:9 ratio which is very much different from Apple’s iPhone of  their product screens from the first till iPhone 4S.

Alpha Bike, technology for a bicycle


Alpha Bike

Good day to dream last April. To imagine a bicycle for which it is moving technology. This is the Alpha Bike.

This extraordinary bike concept design is the work of five engineers from the University of Pennsylvania, which has provided the ingenious Alpha Bike and management information systems that allow you to receive data such as speed or distance in a built-in screen (which we export via SD card), power electronics with a hidden power generation and transmission system that can handle the bike with or without gears involved.

Samsung W200: a pocket camcorder for outdoor


Samsung released their latest pocket camcorder that is devoted to outdoor use Samsung W200 is a resilient pocket camcorder and also water resistant. Some excellent features of them is if it falls at a height of 2 meters is not a problem or if it falls into the water is 3 meters would not be intruding water or make it broken.

Laptop Desk Buddy: 10 USB Ports, Multi-Card Reader, LAN, SIM, Audio, MIC all in one


The difference of a desktop PC and laptop of course desktop PC functionality more than a laptop but with the help of this gadget will improve the functionality of your laptop. Laptop Desk Buddy is a gadget that contains a variety of ports (all in one) for different purposes and functions to overcome limitations of existing port on a laptop and make it very functional like a desktop PC.

ASUS WAVI: a tool for connecting a PC to an HDTV via cable or wireless


asus wavi ASUS WAVI: a tool for connecting a PC to an HDTV via cable or wireless

Asus WAVI is a tool for connecting a PC to an HDTV via cable or wireles allowing us to watch movies stored on your PC or also to browsing using widescreen HDTV. Port connections between these devices using the HDMI connection is different from similar products which usually only uses USB and stay connected with our well despite its distance of 25 meters.

BlackBerry Playbook has been sell online at BestBuy


best buy playbook BlackBerry Playbook has been sell online at bestbuy

Some time ago the RIM announced plans to sell the BlackBerry Playbook for the American market on April 19, 2011, this seems confirmable with BlackBerry Playbook has been sold online at bestbuy. Want to know how much the price offered to bring home a tablet from Blackberry this? There are 3 pricing options based on storage capacity is U.S. $ 500 (16GB), U.S. $ 600 (32GB) and $ 700 (64 GB).

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